Write Your Way Through Life???

Write Your Way Through Life???

When I was trying to come up with a slogan for my author platform I wracked my brain for days. I wanted something that was easily remembered, unique, and representative of me, as well as my writing. However, my first few attempts either felt forced or were too dramatic. I don’t even want to list them here because that’s how embarrassing they are. Let’s just say my early slogans came off like something from a bad self-help book you find in the dollar store–catchy, corny and questionable.

Anyway, at some point, I eventually reverted to the basics. I’m talking about the five w’s: who, what, when, where, why, and how. I started asking myself the following questions:

Who did I want to reach?
Readers and aspiring writers.

What was I going to reach them with?
My writing, fingers crossed.

When was I going to do this?

Where was I going to do this?
Since it’s 2017, online, of course.

How was I going to do this?
Through my writing with an organized online platform.

Why was I doing this?
Many reasons! The two biggest ones being I want to entertain and inspire people. The same way so many authors are responsible for kindling the fire inside of me, I wanted to do that for others, too. And if in the process of sparking all these soul fires, a few people chose the path of writing with the same goal as mine at their forefront, well the more the merrier!

What I believe is the more writers we have the more souls we can spark. Writing isn’t simply a job or a chore. It’s an art form and art breathes life into those who aren’t sure if they have any left.

Now don’t get me wrong. I dream of the day I can live off my writing. However, I am sure if that day never comes, I’ll still be writing because writing has always been there. Just like books, it’s a constant companion, a never-moving shoulder for me to cry on, and an always-open-ear for me to blab into. Here’s an example.

Once, when I was still a naive preteen, my oh-so-perfect cousin questioned my decision to wear leggings. According to her, my thighs weren’t the right size for them. I remember feeling kind of like an emptying shock at her words. The words came from her mouth but I didn’t understand their purpose. Did she really think my thighs were that big? Was she just trying to be mean?

I didn’t know and don’t know the answer to either of those questions. What I do know is that after her words, I went in my room and sat quietly on my bed. After some time, that numb shocking feeling dissolved and was replaced by a tsunami of anger. I gritted my teeth, clenched my fists and oh, damn, I wanted to hit her! I wanted to knock all her teeth out of her perfect little face but that was sure to get me a smack from my grandmother.

Still, I needed to get it out. I needed to let the storm rage or it was going to tear me up inside. So, I turned to the best medium I had: writing, specifically blogging. I logged into my crappy Blogspot account and wrote a raw, fiery condemnation of her and the world’s lopsided beauty standards. I was pissed! I’m not sure how long I wrote. I only know I wrote until I wasn’t angry anymore, until I felt I had proven my point and could nod happily at the stretch of text I had created. In addition to that simple gratification, a few people even commented on the post backing me up.

I wasn’t alone in my fight.

Of course, this wasn’t the only time I puked my feelings onto the page or screen. Often, I would create characters much braver than me who could do the things I couldn’t. After a few years, I realized I had become these characters, at least a little bit.

So, when I say write your way through  life, I mean it. Write your way through the pain, the tears, the fears and yes,the smiles, too, because where there is the bad, there is the good. Writing is a healthy expression of the self, a way to inspire others and a great way to deal with, sometimes, uncontrollable emotions.

It’s also way more fun than prison. So that’s a perk! 😉

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