The Countdown Begins!

The Countdown Begins!


Holy kapoodle sticks! I’m nine weeks and six days away from my release date. In that short period of time, the story I’ve been working on for years is going to be available to the world. Deep breath, Tasha, deep breath…



Aw, who am I kidding?


I can’t wait. I’m like a kid going to the state fair for the first time. Basically, I’m in this constant state of happy shock. Does that make sense? It’s like I know a lot of crap is happening, a lot of last minute frustrating crap but when I think of my book releasing, I’m back in my happy place. And everything’s wonderful in my happy place.

But, like I said, there’s still a to-do list:

1) Order all the giveaway items
2) Finish the paperback formatting
3) Complete the plan for my blog tour
4) Complete the plan for my FB Release Party
5) Stay sane

Not sure I’ll be able to do the last task, at least not successfully. One through four seem doable, though but seriously, guys, I’m really excited. All joking aside this is a very important moment for me. There was a point in my life I didn’t think I’d ever publish this novel—my own piece of writing that I actually want to publish.

In a way, by finally getting “The Pariah Child & the Ever-Giving Stone” released, I’m doing a type of self-confirming. I’m proving to myself that I can turn my dreams into a reality and that I am capable of transforming pieces of me into something others can relate to.

That makes me feel pretty good.

And in celebration of all this goodness and awesomeness, I’m doing a giveaway!


Okay, so it’s simple. Follow this link here to win a free copy of the science fiction short “Plugged In.” It’ll take you to a page where you’ll be asked to subscribe to my newsletter (I don’t spam so no worries). Once you’ve subscribed and confirmed your subscription, you’ll receive two emails.

The first will be a welcome email and the last will be your prize!
And after that, you won’t hear from me for some time.

Just to entice you a bit more, here’s the blurb for “Plugged In.”

“The Global Corporation has created a perfect world. The higher class live in this world. The lower classes, on the other hand, have been placed in an eternal slumber where all their dreams come true. Here they have no pain, here they are free…in a way.
Everything is the way it should be, until one of the lower class wakes up. And she doesn’t want to go back to sleep.”

Oh, and I got a feature in an online magazine! It includes an extra excerpt. If you’d like to check it out, click here. You’ll have to scroll down a bit to actually get to the excerpt, sorr–

Wait a second…a thought just occurred to me. My pre-order starts February 22nd. Considering that, my story actually releases in five weeks and six days. Oh. My. Gosh.


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