“The Pariah Child  & the Ever-Giving Stone” by Natasha D. Lane

Sarah made a promise to her mother nine years ago. She swore she would be a good girl, a proper young lady, and that she would ignore the creatures begging to be seen, ignore the the voices pulling at her ears and push her dreams of adventure away. That’s just not what young girls do. But like all creatures of legend, they won’t be ignored forever. Soon Sarah discovers the things she’s been hiding from for nine years have returned and they’re right at her doorstep, either wanting to be saved by her or to kill her.

Stuck between reality and imagination, her mother’s wishes and her own desires, Sarah will find the fate of a world rests in her young hands.

Expected Release: Early to Mid Winter. 

“The Woman In the Tree” by Natasha Lane

The story you’re about to read is not one for the faint of heart. The story you’re about to read can be considered a tragedy depending what side of history you fall on. But what you must remember, as you read, is Robin did not ask for any of this. She’s a victim as much as anyone, locked away in a cursed tree as she ran for her life, only to be set free years later by a young man with purple eyes and raven hair with a streak of silver. Except in the world she now awakens, everyone she knew is dead and their murderer is king.