Month: February 2018

More Than Enough: Ingredients to Happiness

More Than Enough: Ingredients to Happiness

Life has a wonderfully horrible way of placing us in difficult situations in order for us to grow. While so much can be going right, like the completion of a novel and a book being published, behind the scenes so much can be going wrong. During the difficult stretches in life, it’s natural for us to reach out to those who support us: friends, family, the local bakeries, etc. However, I think it’s key that we also learn to rely on ourselves during these periods, as well. I say this because I think it is during our most trying times that we realize how strong we actually are. We realize that we are more than enough.

Several days ago, I found myself completely distraught with a troubling situation. Like anyone, I reached out to someone close to me for support which they gave and then some. The next day I wasn’t feeling much better. As if my friend has some psychic ability they messaged me and kept me distracted throughout the day. It was a very welcome distraction, trust me.

But the next day they didn’t message me and I found myself feeling a little sad. Yes,  the troubling situation had lessened some but I still wanted those happy texts to keep my mind from wandering. I thought of texting them but they had already done so much, I didn’t want to ask for more. Most importantly, I wanted them to want to text me vs. me constantly messaging them which, after awhile, can start to feel like begging. Soon I was frequently checking my phone “just to be sure” I didn’t miss a message. I’d do this even though I hadn’t heard my phone beep.

My actions started feeling desperate. Yes, what was happening was taking a large emotional toll on me but could I really ask someone else to carry that burden with me? Could I really ask someone to constantly be there to help me as I struggled?

To a certain extent, yes, but also no. Because the reality is, at the end of the day, the only person who is necessary in the recipe to my happiness is me.

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